Laser hair removal is unique because it can be done on just about any part of the body. Although many people are familiar with the more “common” areas that get treated, it is sometimes necessary to break down the other potential treatment areas and give clients an opportunity to consider different options for treatment even before they visit a laser hair removal facilities. There’s much more that can be done than simply treating areas like the arms, legs and underarms.

The more that is known about laser hair removal and what to expect with each treatment session, the better. There are plenty of areas that are commonly treated, but others may not be so high on the list for many, even though they may be easy to treat. For a better and more thorough explanation of different areas on the body that are able to be impacted via the use of laser hair removal, take a look at the following images.  Make sure to contact Glow Medspa to request a free consultation and start your laser hair removal process today.


Laser Hair Removal Face


Laser hair removal treatments concentrated on the facial area are common, popular and able to help people increase their confidence. The treatments may be done on single spots as indicated by the highlighted areas in the image, or in areas that are treated in conjunction with each other that are targeted at the same time during sessions. Though most people don’t think about using laser hair removal on the face in areas that aren’t “traditional” like the upper lip, mid brow and chin, there are actually a lot of other options available, some of which might not be immediately obvious. Not every client will need or want to utilize the services to treat their entire face, but the option exists. A consultation with a laser hair removal specialist and some careful consideration of the potential treatment areas can help guide final decisions.


Full Arm and Leg Laser Hair Removal


For men and women, the idea of laser hair removal often leads to a focus on the arms and legs. These areas may be treated as a whole – meaning that the arms or legs can be treated from top to bottom, or a client can decide to focus on smaller areas. By breaking the treatments down, it allows clients to make physical changes without needing to treat a large area all at once. Small areas that some clients may not think to consider when contemplating laser hair removal include the hands and feet, the knees and focusing on a smaller portion of either the arm or the leg (forearms, thighs, etc.). With this many options, it will be easy for clients and those they consult with to come up with an adequate treatment plan that allows them to reach their hair removal goals.

Full Back, Abdomen, and Buttock Laser Hair Removal


Although when thinking of laser hair removal on the back and abdomen, most people think of the areas where hair tends to pop up unwanted like the shoulders, the lower back and even the back of the neck, but there are some clients that want to treat the front of their bodies, too. Clients may elect to have this type of treatment done from their lower abdomen all the way up to the area between the breasts or pectoral muscles, and some individuals even go further up, using the process to remove hair on the breastbone, too. The buttocks area is also included in this treatment area, and is a popular choice for both men and women. Whether a client wants to treat a large area like the entire back or a smaller one like the back of the neck, options are available.


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal


For women (and some men), this is one of the most commonly treated areas when it comes to laser hair removal. This process results in little if any pain when completed, and gives clients the results that they desire in only a few sessions. There are multiple options when it comes to the size of the area that is treated when the Brazilian procedure is chosen, giving people an opportunity to choose the one that meets their needs the best and gives them the look they want. Though it is a small area in terms of skin coverage, the different options for treatment will help to explain what clients can expect during each session, and lead to the determination of whether this is treated as a mid-size or a large area.