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Frequently Asked Questions

Does laser har removal really work?

Laser hair removal definitely works, typically providing a 90%- 95% reduction in 6-9 treatments. Various factors such as hair color, hair thickness, ethnicity, and hormones play a role in the number of treatments and the type of laser to use.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Pain is now a thing of the past! The Splendor X Laser is gentle, safe, fast, and powerfully effective. Unlike electrolysis, the laser zaps the hair in a series of microsecond pulses, turning the heat off before it can burn the skin. We use continuous cooling on your skin to make sure the skin cools while the laser is pulsing. The result is a completely painless treatment that only damages the hair follicle. There may still be a measure of mild discomfort felt depending on the texture of the hair, the color of the skin, and the area being treated. Some patients have described this discomfort as a soft tickle or being touched with an ice cube. For those who are very sensitive, we can apply a topical pharmaceutical anesthetic, which will eliminate all discomfort. Before treatment, we can test an area to determine if the anesthetic is necessary, however, nearly 95% of our patients do not require the anesthetic.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is permanent, but new hairs can grow with changes in hormones.


"I have been going here for almost a year to get many areas treated and I can say, by far, this is the best place to go to. Not only are the staff super friendly but they are all very well educated in laser removal. Their prices are great, the environment is calming, and the decor is beautiful. They expanded at the beginning of 2017 and added more treatment rooms to shorten wait times. Professional, personable and willing to explain each part of the process. FANTASTIC PLACE!"

Julianne B.