Healthy is beautiful, and so in case of skin too. Outward radiance naturally occurs when you focus on nourishing the skin. The Aqua facial is an advanced form of Hydra facial that promises to nourish, restore, and prevents damage of your skin. It is popular among celebrities as it gives extra-ordinary results.

The procedure of Aqua facial is non-invasive and utilizes hydro-technology. Your Colleyville facial treatment process involves exfoliation, polishing, detoxification, rehydration and replenishing the skin, and it gives immediate results preventing irritation, discomfort, or downtime. This is a multi-step procedure and utilizes many tips for performing the functions involved. These tips allow the delivery of therapeutic ingredients effectively deep into the skin and result in high levels of absorption in the cell. The serums used in this treatment contain antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-aging agents that are beneficial to the skin.

All the serums massaged in your skin during your Colleyville facial treatment do not sit on the epidermis like cream or lotion, and they absorb readily into the skin and heal it. The exfoliation is soothing, non-irritating, refreshing, and gives quick results without downtime.


Aqua Facial

  • A non-invasive process, we offer this treatment by using hydro-technology that exfoliates, detoxifies, polishes, replenishes, and rehydrates your skin. You are assured immediate results without any irritation, downtime, or discomfort.

Add-ons for Enhanced Results

  • $25 - Masks
  • $10 - LED Light Therapy
  • $50 - Dermaplaning
  • $100 - Chemical Peel

What To Expect


The Colleyville hydra facial procedure involves five relaxing steps that take approximately 45 minutes

Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliating

The first step is skin cleansing.

Step 2: Acid Peel

Aqua's facial acid peel is comprised of salicylic or glycolic. It is gentle and creates a faint tingle, and gives amazing results. The peel loses the dead skin so it can be extracted.

Step 3: Extractions

This step in our Colleyville facial treatment unclogs pores, which involves a vortex extraction nozzle that acts as a vacuum, and it cleanses and cleans clogged dirt. The cup of extraction machine holds the extracted dead skin and dirt. Patients are happy to see the result of extraction.

Steps 4 and 5: Hydration and Serum Application

These steps involve vortex fusion tool, which infuses a serum containing collagen and antioxidants into the skin. The process improves hydration and elasticity in the skin.


What is the difference between MicroDermabrasion and HydroDermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is done on dry skin, and the procedure utilizes a diamond pumice tip to give maximum physical exfoliation of the outermost skin layer. The process is best done on heavy dead, rough, deeply pigmented, or severely pitted skin.   The epidermis may scratch by a dry Microdermabrasion and may result in temporary redness or sunburn sensation after the process.

Aqua facial utilizes specialized tips, vortex technology that exfoliates and infuses serum into the skin.   Suctioning power extracts whiteheads, blackheads and cleanses the skin dirt and all unwanted elements giving you a glowing and clear skin.  This is gentle than Microdermabrasion and provides mild tip options for people with sensitive skin.

Am I a candidate for an Aqua Facial?

Aqua Facial is appropriate for all skin types, whether it is ethnic skin, aging skin, oily or dry skin. Sensitive skin can tolerate Aqua Facial easily. Our esthetician will check your skin, and your skin will be treated accordingly by the corrective serums.  

How long does the treatment take?

The session takes approximately 60 minutes. Some add-on optional treatments will be added to session time.

Is there any downtime or pain?

The procedure is simple, and you will not experience any discomfort. You will feel like a cool paintbrush slowly moving all over your face. After treatment, the skin may look slightly pink, but it will subside quickly.  Always wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun for a few days after the treatment. You can apply makeup after some days.

When can I expect results?

You can see the results immediately. However, there may be slightly pink, but it will go afterward.  You can see what was extracted from your skin if you wish.


Before and After Photos


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